About Us


EX-CAST What goes around comes back around ' As it says EX-CAST Models Production is Known for having endeavor the best talents and nurturing of every individual represented . Established in 2008 and immediately made a name for itself by challenging the status auo and developing the power of a models image leading the definition of the super model. We understand the value of our clients and ensure their requirement to deliver at 100% satisfactory level.

EX-CAST is known for its quality and perfection worldwide. EX-CAST team offers Knowledgeable Friendly and efficient service aiming to ensure smooth and a professional relation with the client.

EX-CAST expanded its Horizon with its Production Team. Targeting to provide each client , however large or small , with a bespoke "one - stop services". This achievement is not only through our personalized approach but through the breath of our carefully selected model base . EX-CAST also Maintains close relationships with a network of Production Support team including Production Mangers, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists and Location scouts who can support our clients wish.

EX-CAST has produced shoots on the best of the International Locations Like Turkey, Greece, Russia, Spain, Mauritius, Italy and various other international locations meeting the desired standards of the clients. EX-CAST is your one stop service Provider. EX-CAST Model Production is currently been run through Delhi and Mumbai. EX-CAST established strong relationships with all leading Players in Fashion and Beauty from the onset.